Friday, January 30, 2009

Trekking uphill from a Downturn.

In his 2007 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, Al Gore pointed out that in Chinese and Japanese, the word “crisis” is written with two symbols. The first symbol stands for “danger,” and the second stands for “opportunity".

Politicians, business practitioners and investors wake up. Wake the sleeping bankers and the high paid business head honchos as well. For if you are wide-awake you will make sense of the lines below. They are not inspired from the notes of Wal Street pundits or Management gurus from Harvard, Stanford or Oxford. I am not even referring to any economic messiah foretelling the future of the world reading from past data. Only flattering to deceive every 99 times a 100 predictions!.

In the wide world of economy for every downturn there is a boom time in the anvil. If we stop for a while and consider neither is a downturn or a boom time hitting business from extra terrestrial sources. They are an out come of the business leaders and investors unable to manage risks or some times qualify them or forsee.

The reason for every downturn and boom time is than an entrepreneur who takes on a bunch of assets and a source of qualified and a bit of unqualified risks along with opportunities. A great leader is one who binds the business with ample guts and viable vision not to mention loads of prestine integrity . More importantly understand the assets as wel as the risks and set about the balancing act diligently.

Todays chieftains of the corporate world have found it convenient to run to the government like cry babies seeking bail out packages to make good of their errand judgment in understanding the risk element or ignoring the risk element or plain and simply not having skill to manage the risk as they show up.

Its a fact that there aint any business with out risk and no business worth its while if it is not taking on an element of risk. Else every thing will be non profit organisations.

In my view it is the best time for the uncut diamonds, leaders with substance, conviction and character to stand up and be counted. Vitally important is to remain positive while understanding the risks as much as you understand the opportunities and deploy assets to business play with a lions heart. Speak out truth about business and its operations all the time. These are the men and women who will bail the global businesses out of the trenches and pave a path trekking the uphill uncertian journey ahead ...not the government ...cause at that rate the governments are blowing up taxpayers money..very soon all of us will be bankrupt polically as well as financially .

In boom time every one can attempt to be a Henry Ford , Alfred Sloan , Bill Gates , Recardo Semler, Narayana Murthy , Ambanis or Tatas. Its is now who attempts and wins in a downturn stands tall as a turn around atrist who will be revered for a lasting time . For now there are mega business and mighty leaders turning turle by each day belly up :-( Lets turn it on , turn it around ..Yes We Can !! If we want to.

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