Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get a Wire from Burning Sun and Plug it on to Earth !

Seems like a paradox when some one says the above when the earth is getting hotter by the day and snow peaks are melting away eating into the Sun kissed golden beaches on Rio, Goa and Gold Coast ?

Think Again ? How on earth can we use the Sun to help us stay cool !!! Think solar panels atop automobiles plying in the tropical countries like Brazil , India , China , Australia and all over the world during summer. About 70 % of our time on the road is when broad daylight is bright and sunny !!!

If only we channelize our present R&D dollar spend more toward converting solar energy to create products and power services for common men then we would do a great deal of favor and leave a valuable legacy to the children who will live in the years to come.

On a basic level "Darwinism" should come to play and why not today. The flora and fauna today get their energy from Sun . Why cant we use this powerful source of abundant energy to meet our energy requirements.

Why have we abandoned the famed Sails powering the marine lines . How much oil can we save if 40 % of cargo carriers around the world go back to use wind to power the cargo carriers ? May be we have to sacrifice a day or a week before the produce from one country reaches another , but it can go a long way in depletion of shorelines and help ships reach destinations sooner. I am referring to the miles of shores we can protect by slowing down the heating of earth process. (Inserted above is a picture of a prototype with computer controlled wind sails)

Think, Looking forward to your thought exchanges.

cheers !

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