Sunday, May 17, 2009

Decisive Verdict ! Winning Trivia and All !

Decisive VERDICT!

Manmohan Singh summarized the mandate succinctly “ People of India have spoken and spoke with great CLARITY”

Singh and Rahul were the men of the Circa 2009 General Elections !COMBO - A great blend of the ebullient youth and the rich experience!

Thats one of the reasons that the Akshay Kumar magnum opus "Singh is King" leads track upstaged the AR Rehman Oscar winning "Jai Ho" at all media shops and celebrations.

Jai Ho it was and Singh is King all the way !

A journey into the next five years well begun with Pro Incumbancy and one which in my view will end due to mindless Rahul Ghandhi Sycophancy by Congress Men.

"Rahul Gandhi can become Prime Minister when ever wishes" - Shivraj Chouhan - Senior Congress Leader.

It is in many ways a historic verdict for India. I see this as coming of age of the Indian voter. A mandate decisively won by Congress who contested the election on a broad plank comprising some significant issues such as 1.Secularism; 2. Development; and 3. Populist Agrarian Schemes.

All of these poll plank pillars seem to have connected with the masses that saw the sincerity in execution of the United Progressive Alliance winning them a clear majority.

A clear majority is such a relief to many who always wished not to be in the mire of the convoluted maze of a fractured mandate. A fragmented mandates brings in opportunistic regional parties to the great bazaar of coalition mess in the past.

For the next five years, politically speaking “It is an unbridled long right hand drive on a clear road ahead”; some thing that the UPA government last time was constantly bridled by left and other ever opportunistic deal makers.

A Secular Government is in many ways a harbringer of a Secular Bull Market.

Many passed the electoral test and came through victorious and vindicated.

• Manmohan Singh - Singh Is King!
o Only a second thus far after Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru winning a mandate after a 5 year term. While Jawaharlal got reelected the Sardar got reselected.

• Weak Prime Minister freshly operated with a strengthen heart pumping secular politics and functional, stable economic governance in an unstable world.

• A “Loha Purush” and Prime Minister in waiting will finish as the one in waiting even as he decided to relinquish the pole position of leader of the opposition after the defeat.
o Now, I doubt if he now call for a debate on national television?

• 123 - Nuclear agreement with US was right and left was wrong in pulling the plug from a coalition which was forced to realign with SP to complete the last leg. A nuclear deal which worked for congress and hopefully for India in the long run.
o Left will realize that the pin they pulled from the coalition grenade exploded in Kerala and Bengal.
o Left left behind UPA with Trinamool. Karat and Buddha are no more dada and mamatha is the new didi “mano ya na na NANO”
o The goodies such as NREGA and pro poor policies of the Left influenced UPA benefited the likes of YSR at AP and DMK.

• Rahul – Paving way for the Congress in the largest state influencing the 15 crore Indians there to vote outside caste and communal agendas for pro development.
o The rampaging BSP Elephant, cowed down for now.
o The lawns of SP mowed down, cutting them to size at grass root level.

• The tiger at west is upstaged by it own cub MNS weakening the Shiv Sena and its principal partner BJP.
• Modi’s Gujarat political landscape is modi-fied by a sure stepped UPA. This is one bastion Rahul will love to consolidate. Khemcho ! NAMO !

• Pawar’s quest for Power at IPL 2009 general elections remains unquenched. For Now. He is confined and contended to wielding his clout at IPL-2.

• Winning Bihar with good governance is Nitish Kumar “Chatur Chlaloo” ; Vanquished Lalu will have to settle with the taste of Railway canteens “Samose Mein Aalu” . This too if Madam Sonia ordains so!

• You may ban him from cricket for guilt yet to be proven but the public have voted him into limelight as a part of the success story in Rahul Gandhi’s UP surge. Like his career in cricket Azharuddin has made an impressive debut.

• While Jaya Lalitha finished a close second; Jayaprada and Jayasudha come in as impressive firsts against all odds.

• Severing anti secular ties helped Naveen Patnaik quell the ghosts of “Khandamal”

• Impressive it was indeed for Shashi Tharoor. Transition, transformational from the tall tables at UN to sipping tea at Trivandrum with party workers on campaign trail. What if he can’t speak fluent Malayalam, Malayalees have handed him a thumping 50000 margin victory.

• Lastly Gowda is no God! Jaffer is no Jack! BJP prevailed at Karnataka, the legacy matters of congress and JD flattering to deceive then mattered more than thrashing of women at Mysore.

• Delhi is securely in Congresses belly!

• In Punjab! It turned out sad for SAD  . Not sad at all for Navjyot Sidhu.

• Chiranjeevi failed the screen test! PRP bombed at ballot box office. But opened his counter as a humble beginning at least for now.

Watch this space ..after the initial euphoria dies down , i shall upload pointers dechiphering the verdict and attempt to explain the begenning of an imminent decline of the Congress due to servile flattery of congress junta clamouring for higher post for Rahul. A bane that is a malignant in the form of Sycophancy of Rahul Baba !

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