Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Celebrating the Mozart from Madras

I have always wondered why the best and the brightest from the east folk to west to seek intellectual legitimacy . In India a brilliant prospect at School would it seems
Being a self professed Oscar maniac following the gods delivering acting and directorial performances.I always found that it is very very hard to convince the members of the academy for an Oscar recognition. Even if you are one of the worlds biggest stars | Tom Cruise or Will Smith with a towering performance like the one from "In Pursuit of Happiness" only the deserving discerning next performance captures the academy's eyes. And a cult/star or next gold standard is anointed. Unarguable and well accepted across the globe thereafter.

How else do we explain the fact what most of whom who including yours truly consider Robert De Niro as the greatest living actor to have been nominated 5 times and won only two oscars in a 6 decade career. Or the legend of Merlyin Streep nominated 15 times yet only winning twice. Be it Brando, Pacino,Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn,Dustin Hoffman,Tom Hanks etc were not successful convincing the academy not more than twice or rarely thrice.

Against this backdrop just imagine the enormity of the accomplishment by the man with the midas touch from Madras. Two Oscars . And Boy he belongs rightup there in history books forever.

But there are a few lakhs of Indians like me who always knew this right from the 1990's that this lad will rock on brighter as years pass by. Yes we are happy that the spotlight is on the chap from chennai today. We will just add to say "This was long over due" Dont you agree ?

There inst a particular genre that you can bracket the works of the musical genius. He revels and enthralls us in every genre with the same impact.

As a person he seldom gets swept by the adulations and has always kept his feet firmly on Terra fer ma.

So here are a few strains from A R Rehmans factory which came out long back but failed to conjure the madness what a "Jai Ho " did so famously in the recent days.Brace your self here goes the list from my biased mind:-

1. Yeh Jo Desh Hai Mera , Swades hai mera - SWADES.
2. Yunhi Challa Hum Rahi - SWADES.
3. Ishwar Allah - 1947 Earth
4. Yeh Jo Zindagi Hai - 1947 Earth
5. Mitwa - Laagan.
6. O Palanhaare - Laagan.
7. Suna Nahi - 12KA4
8. Khamoshiyan Gungunane lage -12KA4
9. Bharath Humko Jaan Se Pyara Hai - Roja
10.Yeh Hasin Wadiyan - Roja.
11.Roja Jane Mann - Roja
12.Desh Mere - Legend of Bagath Singh
13.Sarfaroshi Ki Tananna - Legend of Bagath Singh
14.Mein Albeli - Zubeida
15.Piya Haji Ali - Fiza
16.Aaware Bhawre - Sapnay
17.Khabi Neem Neem - Yuva
18. Khuda Hafiz - Yuva
19. Dil Se Re - Dil Se
20. Aye Ajnabhi - Dil Se
21.Chaiyan Chaiyan - Dil Se
22.Ishq Bina - Taal
23. Luka Chuppi - Rang De Basanti
24. Aarziyan - Delhi 6
25. Azeen O Shaan Shanehshah - Jhoda Akbar

Yes- the above is a very limited showcase of the Genius while several numbers dropped out with the paucity of cramming them under best 25 list. I haven't also taken into account the treasure work AR Rehman created for Tamil Cinema.

A R Rehman, You truly are a Shahenshah a Shaan from our dear mother land India. I am glad i have chosen your genius two decades earlier than the world did. To motivate and conjure the patriotic spirit of the country. Realize the lilting tunes to ignite and fulfill a feeling of mushy romance during my youth. Dwell in the depth of history with the deep strains of your classic scores.

After close to two decades of joyous times behind me following your generous craft and I look forward to the next three decades with bated breath.

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